Pursuing functional innovation in performance psychology.



Geir Jordet, PhD, is Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences where he conducts research and teaches psychology and elite  football (soccer) performance. His most extensive research interests involve performing under extreme pressure, cognitive and perceptual  underpinnings of decision making, and talent development/effective learning. A principal aim in all projects is to identify the primary,  psychologically related, on-pitch behaviors that drive football match performance. 

Jordet’s work is published in leading sport science and psychology  journals, and his research regularly appears in major media outlets such as New York Times, Wall street journal, London Times, the Guardian,  BBC, and Spiegel. He is also Director of Psychology at the technical division of the Norwegian Professional football league (NPFL). In  addition, Jordet operates as a performance psychology consultant specializing in elite and professional football, and he is co-founder of BeYourBest, a software company producing cognitive assessment and  training solutions for elite football players. Over the past 15 years, he has advised many of the leading football organizations and clubs all over Europe. 

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